Friday, May 16, 2008

Directions to make the Flower that's used on the post below

1. Pick colors.

2. Punch out 3 scallop circles from the solid cardstock in the color you picked.

3. Tape two of them together. These will be your base for the flower. The third one you will be using for the center of the flower behind the letter you choose.

4. Count out 12 little ovals that are pre punched same colors please.

5. Punch out large ovals of the same color plain cardstock.

6. Tape small oval designer paper to the large oval cardstock.

7. Take a piece of white cardstock and stamp the letter of your choice and punch it out using the 1 ¼ circle punch.

8. Punch out another circle using the 1 ¾ using the green card stock.

9. Stick the corcles together and then tape the circles to the circle scallop. Set aside.

10. Once everything is taped together it’ll be time to put the flower together.

11. Using the ovals . 1. Stick one oval piece and then another straight below it. 2. Place one on each side. 3. Place another oval in the center of each oval that’s already placed.4 fill in doing the same placement until your out of ovals.

12. Once that’s done, using dimensionals or one pop up guue dot. Put it on the back of the circle scallop and place that in the center of the oval petals.

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