Monday, August 11, 2008

I can't believe I went through with it

I can't believe I got a tattoo!! I'm turning 41 next Sunday and I wanted to do something totally out of character and unpredicable for me. I'm really conservative with everything usually. I do need to blame my dear friend Susan though. She got the idea rolling. Okay okay Don't laugh!!! My face totally gives my pain away. It did hurt but it only took 15minutes to do.

I did design it myself. I omitted the center of this kind thoughts stamp then added the flower that's with the set. I originally had just the stem as the flower going down but I wanted to put my daughters name in the design so when I went to the tattoo place Mr Billy redrew my picture with my daughters name in. He was amazing. A very talented man.

I'm still as sweet as I've always been and I won't be getting another. So don't worry. One in a life time is plenty for me. It's been 2 days and I still like looking at it and it's in a spot that can be covered easy and shouldn't bother anybody. My husband didn't mind either way which surprised me. He liked that I designed it. My parents think I'm crazy but I think I'm definitely less predicable. Thanks for stopping by. Terry