Monday, October 31, 2011

Sneak Peek Coffee Sleeve Raffle/ Door Prize

Made this for my upcoming Holiday Stamp a stack .  Haven't decided yet but they'll either be the raffle or the door-prize. Fan fold flower made on the coffee cardboard sleeve. TFL

Fall/Halloween Card club mix


Fall card 1
Made these for my monthly card club.
We will be doing this month 12 cards.  I will be offered four different designs for the Month of September. Two Designs will be Halloween based and the other two Designs will be Fall based.  Stylers could split and do 6 cards and 6 cards each Design or  they could do all dozen cards the same. They worked with pastels this month because Fall is full of such fun colors.  

                                                                      Halloween Card 1
                                                               Fall 2
                                                                Halloween 2
                                                                 Door Prizes