Friday, April 4, 2008

Pink poodle invite grouping.

Here's the whole grouping of 5th birthday invites I did for a customer. I did 15 invites plus I Always like to give a thank you gift, so I gave them a complimentary decorated front notebook and pen. It's the one down on the right . What little girl doesn't like writing in her own personilized note book. I know my Daughter still does.

I think a lot comes from the presentation so I did a matching Cuttlebug template thank you front for the bag and prettied it up with some ribbon. I dropped these off today and the customer seemed very pleased.

You can see below for the recipe. Thanks for looking.


  1. Logan brought home an invite today. Stan took one look and asked, "This is a Terry, isn't it?". You are now officially a brand name!

  2. How cool!! I never thought of myself that way. Thank you laura for sharing that. Let Stan too know He made my day. Usually husbands don't get that Crafty insight thing. I'm impressed.