Friday, April 4, 2008

The Karma Garage write up

Here's a picture of where I just had my very first Tahi yoga message yesterday. It's at a place called, The Karma Garage. Be sure to check out her blog. Shes a very inspirational writer too. It'll be a very cool read. My good friend Val is a Omyoga certified, Tahi yoga massage trained, physical therapy licensed. I've never had a Tahi yoga message before and it was so Great. I felt very relaxed, which I needed to feel very badly. I really just wanted to fall asleep but I had to drive home first.

To take time for ourselves is very rare. I totally recommend doing it for yourself more. I just may have to. Thanks Val

Thanks for stopping by. Terry

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  1. Hey there, sweetie, it was my pleasure.

    You are going to have teach me how do get those hyper-links! This blog is amazing.