Monday, October 12, 2009

October Fest fun coming Next week in Frenchtown.

The above Cousin it, is located in a window In a Frenchtow Store. What fun. Do you remember cousin it???
Frenchtown is having an October fest the 17th and 18th. Alexandra's school made scarecrows. This is the scarecrow Alexnadra made. Her name is Wonda Petronski. She got the name from a book she's reading. above is a close up of Wonda!! Come out and see the fun .


  1. I just read The One Hundred Dresses book to my kids. Cool name for a scarecrow! By any chance do you live in NC. The background of your photos looks so familiar.

  2. Oh thank you. I'm in NJ, Near the Delaware. I just love our little community here in frenchtown. The school is very small maybe 160 k-8.
    so knowing most of the children make it fun when you see their art work.

    Thank you again Terry

  3. Yeah, I remember Cousin It! How funny is that?! Tell Alexandra she did a great job on hers too. Love the creative name. Where did she find the dress and how did she make the head? Too bad it's rainy this weekend for the festival. I'm glad the scarecrows were up earlier in the week for everyone to enjoy.

  4. She got the name from the book called 100 dresses. She read it in school. I think her teacher got her the dress and I not real sure what they made them from. paper machey maybe. They look pretty neat close up. The festival was a flop I guess. I didn't wind up going.