Sunday, January 11, 2009

HAPPY Blogaversary! to me!!!!!!!!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to me!!! WOW I just Realized that it's been a year since I started my blog!!!! Where did the year go. The year started out strong. It has fizzled a little lately. I started working this year and my creative time has been hard to find. I like having the blog so I will continue to post from time to time. Once Summer time comes I will have more time so thank you to all that have subscribed.

I'm so excited that it's my year anniversary I am going to give away some blog candy for the VERY first time. All you have to do is leave me a comment on this post about any of my posts that I've uploaded. I will then do and automatic pick for the winner. I will send you this card in a set of five. with envelopes.

Thank you again with celebrating with me. Terry


  1. Congratulations, Terry! My wish for you in this next year of your blog is for you to find your stampin' time again :-)


  2. Wow! It's been a year already! Congrats on your blogaversary! I always love to see what you create. :)

    ~ Michelle

  3. Happy Bloggaversary!! I never think about my own are so clever! I love that you show pix of the kids and vacations as well as the lovely cards and projects that you create. Sure cardmaking/crafting is what we enjoy...but there is life outside of it. I'm glad to see that you have a life! I'll post your blogcandy link in my sidebar!

  4. Ok gals I did an online die roller to determine the winner. It was a six sided die which means I considered Chrys # 1 and 4 Michelle you're #2 and 5 and Dawn you're #3 and 6. The Winner is the # 3 so Dawn if you email me your address I will get the cards to you asap. Congrats and thank you everyone for celebrating with me.


  5. Congrats to you, Terry! Way to go and wishing you many more blog entries and plenty more ideas to share! PS LOVED that dance video, too!

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  6. Thank you KT for the kind words. You're very sweet. Terry