Thursday, February 21, 2008

What's a greeting card?

Hi Everyone, While I was lurking around splitcoaststampers today, I came accross this note on a thread. It was just a really cool read and reminded me why I love to create the cards in the first place.


Just thought I’d share

What's a Greeting Card?Author Unknown.

It's a little piece of paper
That tells someone how you care;
It can be a ray of sunshine --
It can be a wish or prayer.
It can simply say, "I love you"
Or just say, "I understand"

It can be a little visit,
Or the clasp of someone's hand.
It can be a word of comfort
When somebody's heart is sad,
It can be a smile or chuckle
Making someone's heart feel glad.
It can keep folks close together
Even though they're far apart

It can show someone you're thankful
From the bottom of your heart.
It can travel any distance
In all kinds of weather, too.
And it has the "magic something"
That some "big things “never do.
Yes, it's just a piece of paper
And it costs no big amount,
But it proves that old, old saying;
It's the little things that count."

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  1. Terry,
    I hope you don't mind that I shared this poem on my blog today. I was browsing around somewhere on SCS and saw your name and being from NJ thought I'd look around. Love your blog and your creations.